Police arrest men involved in Dominican Republic shooting resulting in death of Crystal Beach resident

A follow-up now to a story we first brought you last month about a Niagara man living in the Dominican Republic who was shot to death in the middle of the night. Police now say two men have been arrested in the murder of Jay McGuire.

McGuire, originally from Crystal Beach, was shot and killed in a town called Sosua in the Dominican Republic last month. He moved there and according to family ran a sandwich shop.

Today, local police confirmed they have arrested these two men, and seized a 45-mm handgun believed to have been used in the shooting, which they are calling a robbery gone wrong.

McGuire’s mother, Jo-Ann Rhoden says that while she is somewhat relieved there have been arrests, she has a lot of concerns about how she received the information that her son was killed.

It happened on the night of April 24th, McGuire’s girlfriend told Rhoden they were sleeping when two men broke in, tied them up and began to rob the house. According to her, McGuire broke free and tried to ward them off with a machete. The girlfriend says that’s when he was shot twice.

According to Rhoden, local police got several things wrong, saying he was married and that he was shot in the face, Rhoden says the autopsy results she saw, stated her son was shot in the back.

As for what happens now, Rhoden says his girlfriend has brought her son’s ashes to Canada, and while that provides some closure for her, the pain is far from over.