Dog dragged by car for nearly a kilometre, two charged



Animal cruelty charges being laid against a man and a woman from Fort Erie have caused outrage on social media, especially since the dog was returned to it’s owner shortly after the incident.

Allie, a dachshund/ beagle mix was dragged behind a car to the horror of several witnesses on Thursday.

“The pads on his paws, some of them were taken off. His nails were all filed right down, probably from gripping the road.”

Sarah says she was driving behind the car that had the dog attached to a leash that was tied to the passenger side door. In the car was the dogs owner, 42 year old Cassandra McKay and a 47 year old Gary Dewilde. Sarah says at least 10 people standing on the sidewalk tried to flag down the car but it took the car crashing into a truck in front of it for the car to stop.

By that point, the leash had snapped and was lying on the road. Sarah rushed Allie to a near by vet where she was treated for her injuries.

Police issued animal cruelty charges on both Dewilde and McKay and despite them, McKay was allowed to take Allie home. Veterinarian Donna Campbell said that McKay was distraught and did not believe the dragging of the dog was intentional.

Dewilde and McKay did not respond to our request for an interview, but on Facebook they defended themselves. They have been targeted on Facebook for harassment, even death threats. So much so that one investigator says McKay was terrified to leave her house to get Allie’s bandages changed.

They are scheduled to appear in a Welland court on March 29.


  1. This is sick and people like this should never own a dog or a child. I can”t believe that people can be this stupid. I’ve an a dog for 16 years and just had to put him down because of age and health problems. I miss him very very much and when I hear things like this it makes me sick. I hope that they get time for this and maybe more. Hopefully this poor dog will get a good home and be loved like he should.

  2. A couple of scumbags that should be banned from ever owning a pet !!! The OSPCA should be ashamed of letting them have this dog back, do not donate to this organization as they clearly do not have the animals welfare in mind !!! #savethe21 !!!

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