Anti-pride protester ‘helmet guy’ appears in court

The anti-pride protester known as ‘helmet guy’ made his first appearance in court Thursday.

Christopher Vanderweide showed up to the Hamilton courtroom to face two counts of assault with a weapon following the violence at Hamilton Pride June 15.

The Kitchener man was part of a group of religious extremists who went to Gage Park during a Pride celebration. The group led homophobic signs and called to attendee through a megaphone.

Several people wearing black clothing and pink masks used a portable barrier to hide the signs and Pride supporters joined in with signs of their own and noise makers.

Vanderweide allegedly began smashing people with a helmet.

Videos were posted online showing a fight break out with punches being thrown leading to the identification of Vanderweide.

He did not have a lawyer Thursday and The Crown is opposing bail.

The 27-year-old is scheduled to be back in court on July 4 and will remain in custody until then.