Wundeba Restaurant set to re-open amid more problems

The Wundeba Restaurant near Mount Nemo may re-open for business today; after a holiday break preceded by the arrest of one of the owners for nineteen alleged offences that include human trafficking and illegal guns, assault and sexual assault.

Jarry Ahlo-Walia, 58, is in custody pending a bail hearing scheduled for Monday January 13th. He was arrested in mid December after a huge undercover Halton police operation that included the seizure of two safes, among other apparent evidence.

CHCH News has learned that the Wundeba Restaurant has also been cited by the Ministry of the Environment for illegally dumping raw sewage in a sensitive wetland area behind the restaurant.

In May of 2018, the ministry was alerted by neighbours, who complained about the smell of sewage and provided photo evidence of dumping. For several months, the ministry repeatedly ordered the restaurant to hire a sewage removal company to properly service a holding tank on the property, which is supposed to be inspected every two weeks and emptied when required.

The Wundeba owners stalled. At the end of October 2018, the ministry got another new complaint from a neighbour about sewage behind the restaurant. However, yesterday a sewage disposal truck was seen working on the Wundeba property, and the stench nearby suggested the holding tank has been emptied as required by the ministry.

It took more than a year of wrangling, but the Ministry of the Environment says it reached an agreement with the Wundeba owners on December 19th, last month; that was one day before Jarry Ahlo-Walia’s arrest.

The restaurant is required to route its washroom waste back to the sewage holding tank, prevent sewage from leaking into the wetland, and provide a monthly report to the ministry.