Police release image of suspected gunman in Luppino murder

Hamilton police have released an image of a man they believe shot and killed 43-year-old Cece Luppino last month.

Luppino was gunned down on Jan. 30 inside his home on Hamilton Mountain. He was alone at the time of the shooting and was found by a family member several hours later.

Police believe the gunman walked through a neighbouring property on Mountain Brow Blvd. and into Luppino’s open garage. They say the suspect fled southbound on Rendell Blvd. after the shooting.

“These images come from security footage from the victim’s home as well as the neighbouring property,” said Hamilton police in a news release.

The photograph appears to show a man in a dark toque walking up the driveway with his hand placed inside the centre of his jacket.

Police say Luppino was killed right after these images were captured,

“Immediately, he is the only person who enters the residence or property, we’re 100% comfortable with him as our killer.” Det Sgt. Peter Thom, Hamilton Police.

Last week, Hamilton police made an appeal for witnesses who may have seen the suspect. He is described as black, with an average or athletic build, and was wearing a black waist-length winter coat, black pants, black boots, a black toque, and grey shirt.

After reviewing surveillance footage, police said the gunman was seen milling around on the east sidewalk on Rendell Blvd. for a short period of time before he entered the garage.

The home is owned by Luppion’s parents, Rocco and Helen. The Luppino name has long been connected with organized crime, and experts say Rocco Luppino is a big player in the mafia.

Investigators say they don’t believe Luppino was being followed, but rather a static surveillance technique was being used to watch him.

It’s not clear if the gunman was working along or had an accomplice. A dark coloured, four-door sedan was seen in the area around the same time as the shooting but police do not know if it was involved.

Anyone with information that could help police with this investigation is asked to contact Det. Doug Jonovich at 905-546-4863.