Mother Nature not co-operating with farmers this year

This cool and wet Spring has farmers concerned about their crops. A Smithville farmer says it’s time to throw out the calendars, because mother nature isn’t co-operating on schedule this year. The climate is also impacting Niagara vineyards.

A farmer told us by mid-May, his wheat crop should be nearly to his knees.

Instead, his wheat has a yellow hue, some areas bare. His other crops are struggling too. Farmer Richard Blyleven says he feels for new farmers and knows how discouraging and devastating it can be to look out and see your crop like this in mid may.

While wheat struggles, Niagara vineyards are behind schedule too this year. Viticulture Scientist at Brock University, Jim Willwerth says a harsh winter and cold spring have slowed down bud break but by only a few days, the technology around grape growing in Niagara is advanced, and prepared even in unfavourable weather.

Grape growers hoping for some warm temperatures to get the full benefit of all the rain.