McMaster University creates plan to include Hamilton seniors

There are plenty of people on campus at McMaster during the summer, including the elderly.

According to Statistics Canada, Hamilton is home to over 130,000 seniors.

The McMaster Institute for Research on Aging conducted a study with 200 participants.

A seventy-sevenyear-old man, richard simpson, audits classes at the university. He says, “I have such great confidence in the young people of today. I use a walker and they’re so helpful and caring that I have nothing to fear.”

The university has increased the number of benches and have included distance and time it takes to walk from building to building on their signage.

There are about 25,000 students at McMaster, only 35 are seniors earning credits. The university would love to see that number rise as they’ve created a number of programs specific tailored to the needs of that demographic.