Mayor’s dog at odds

A human rights complaint has been filed against Hamilton’s mayor, for bringing his dog to work. It was filed by a woman who works for the city who says his personal pet being there, is wrong.

If you’ve been to the Mayor Fred Eisenberger’s office, you’ve likely seen Dash, his golden-doodle, which for years, many of his staffers have considered part of the team. But, for one woman who works part-time for the city, Dash poses a problem.

Susan Creer is terrified of dogs. She’s also allergic and asthmatic. She says she has complained several times about the mayor’s personal pet being at City Hall, but claims nothing was done.

So in March, she filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission.

Creer started working for the city’s Recreation Dept part time in 2014 as a drama instructor. She works out of a community centre but sometimes has to go to city hall.

In March 2017, she was at a meeting, Dash was there. She complained, and says she was told he was ‘hypoallergenic’.

Staff says Dash used to be able to roam freely at City Hall, but since a complaint a couple years back, which they couldn’t confirm was from Creer, he is restricted to the glassed enclosure of the mayor’s office.

Whether the Human Rights Tribunal takes action on Creer’s complaint, she wants to make sure no policy would be developed that would allow for personal pets.

City staff say the mayor has not seen the complaint yet, he did not provide comment today.

We conducted a Twitter poll today asking people if they think personal pets should be allowed in the workplace. 48% of people say yes pets should be allowed, 45% say no, and 6% said it depends on the situation and type of workplace.