City of Hamilton to challenge injunction preventing it from dismantling over 50 tents

The City of Hamilton has voted in favour of challenging a court injunction that prevents them from taking down homeless encampments.

A lengthy council meeting yesterday resulted in a 9 to 3 vote in favour to fight the injunction that originally went into effect on July 30th. Council members say about 50 tents occupy the areas of Ferguson Avenue North, York Boulevard, and at First Ontario Centre.

But the City of Hamilton says their encampment task force has engaged with 162 people who have been sleeping rough and have moved over 100 into safer living conditions. Ward 2 councilor Jason Farr says there are enough facilities that can help those who are still living in tents.

Farr says that if they succeed to remove the encampments, the city will provide plenty of help and options for those to find shelter.


  1. This is silly, bigger problem is the lack of access to housing for everyone. Ontario as a whole needs to acknowledge the reality of it all and deal with the market instead of casting shadows over these people. I make 62’000 a year and I’m also struggling, with no hopes of getting out of the rental game. It scares me to think how people are surviving out there. Also their not telling the truth about helping people. There is zero! Access to housing in this city. Mother’s without a “home” with three kids are on waiting lists of 3-4 years… Their solutions are bandaids to these people…

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