Bill 66 is stirring controversy after Environment Hamilton raises alarms

Environment Hamilton is raising alarm bells about the provincial government’s bill 66. The bill was announced last month as the restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act. The government says it will ensure the province is “open for business” but several groups say it threatens the province’s environmental laws. Environment Hamilton says the bill puts the greenbelt and drinking water source areas at risk by allowing municipalities to “open up” these protected areas for job creating development projects. It’s especially a concern for Hamilton and the greater golden horseshoe.

Environment Hamilton is pushing for Hamilton city council to pass a resolution saying the city won’t touch the greenbelt. Environment Hamilton is also warning about the bill’s elimination of the Toxins Reductions Act. The act requires industries to track their use of harmful substances and swap them with safer ones if they can. The group says the move put the health and safety of workers and the community at risk. Environment Hamilton has been working with other groups to mobilize Ontarian’s staging protests and hosting information sessions on Bill 66. Ontarian’s have until the 19th to submit comments online through the Environmental Bill of Rights registry.