Attempted Break-ins in Ancaster

Neighbours in Ancaster are spooked after two potential thieves were caught on camera, trying doors to homes and cars on the street.

Officers have identified one person in the surveillance video as a minor who was already known to police.

They say he has faced charges under the Youth Criminal Justice Act in the past.

The neighbours’ surveillance cameras caught the two thugs opening their car door and looking inside.

While the outdoor security cameras didn’t exactly deter these potential thieves, the footage gave police a clear picture of who they were looking for.

The Yeboah family provided police with these videos when an officer came by last night. It is unclear if the youth involved is facing charges.

Police did confirm that other vehicles on the street were broken into around the same time.

In terms of the mountain division, police saw a 9% increase in the total number of break and enters last year, which works out to about 20 or 25 additional break-ins for 2018.

Hamilton police wrapped up a lock it or lose it campaign, checking door handles and if valuables are left in cars, they found a 40% failure rate.