‘We’ve gone 30 rounds with this pandemic’ Hamilton’s Staircase Theatre closes its doors

A popular arts venue in Hamilton is closings its doors once again.

The Staircase Theatre on Dundurn St. was saved from closure in late 2020 by three Hamilton small business owners.

They turned the art space into a full-service restaurant called The People Under The Stairs. The pub specialized in vegan food and had hopes of serving Hamilton as a premier alternative event space featuring live performances, music, video games and theatre.

After operating for just over a year, the owners posted on their Instagram account this past weekend they have decided to close due to the effects of the pandemic.

“Well Hamilton, I feel like we’ve gone 30 rounds with this pandemic and this last one just delivered a knockout punch. This closure came with no government support at a time of year when live shows and an open theatre are so necessary to keep the doors open,” reads the post. “In all honesty, I’m a little too emotionally exhausted to write the long and heartfelt post you deserve, so I’ll just say thank you so much for all of your support. It’s been real, pals.”

Many Hamiltonians and local business owners took to social media to thank the owners for their hard work and dedication to the community.