Student suspended after posting Facebook pic with gun

A Hamilton high school student was told to stay home from school after authorities discovered the teen had posted pictures on Facebook, brandishing an assault rifle. The problem however is the pictures were taken at school on career day.

Brysen Evans is a grade 10 student at Cathedral High School in Hamilton. Last Friday, Brysen’s mother got a call from the school telling her to keep her son home. The reason – someone had notified school officials about a picture Brysen had posted on Facebook.

The problem however is the pictures were taken with members of the Canadian Armed Forces who were at Brysen’s school, for career day. “The army came to his career class and the end of September he posted pictures on his Facebook and then I get a message saying he can’t come to school because there was guns and stuff on it.”

School officials say as soon as they learned the real facts, they called Brysen’s mother to tell her Brysen could come to school. But he didn’t and almost a week later, he still hasn’t returned to class. He also missed a school football game.


  1. What kind of ridiculous adminstration has the audacity to try and suspend a child for posting an innocent picture with a firearm??? And how is it instantly OK when the photo was taken at school, or with Canadian armed forces? Hypocrisy is astounding! They would have better cause to protest a picture of a child holding a spoon or a sugary drink because of the staggering stats of these products causing childhood obesity and diabetes!

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