Review // Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland Review

Tormorrowland is an imaginative, visually entertaining film with a great message – for children and adults – about staying positive and working toward a brighter future. While there are some issues with the undefined tone, the poorly developed baddie and overall lack of mystery, the film was still a thrill ride and one that is bound to resonate with a young audience, especially young girls.

In an attempt to preserve what little mystery I can, here’s the basic synopsis. Cassie (Brit Robertson) an adventurous young woman with her eyes to the stars discovers a pin that gives her a glimpse into another world. Determined to go there for real she sets out on a quest to discover how to get there. That quest leads her to Frank (George Clooney), a banished resident of the futuristic realm, and Athena (Raffey Cassidy), a Tomorrowland native who recruits young talents to the mysterious world that’s brimming with possibilities. Once in Tomorrowland, Cassie is introduced to the Governor, John Nix (Hugh Laurie), and finds out the world isn’t quite what she imagined.

If my 10-year-old self had seen this movie it would’ve become her new mantra and the Tomorrowland pin would’ve become a permanent fixture on her lapel. Despite being aware of its faults as a film, it reconnected me with my inner child, and as cheesy as it might be, that’s probably why I enjoyed this film so much. It’s also so inspiring to see not one but two strong female characters in a children’s adventure film. The role of daredevil teen is usually reserved for delinquent older brothers so it was wonderful to see it fulfilled by Robertson’s Cassie. Although her optimism is a bit overbearing, Cassie is strong willed, smart and responsible. Athena (Raffey Cassidy) literally kicks butt. A Disney version of Arya Stark, she’s spunky, direct, and caring. Cassidy is captivating on screen and is a great ambassador for the imaginative world since she’s the first glimpse the audience gets of Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland is very much a family film. If you have youngsters you want to keep entertained this weekend, take them to Tomorrowland. Make sure to curb their soda intake though; at 130 minutes it’s a pretty long ride for small bladders.

Reviewed by Vithiya Murugadas.