Nicola Jones loses her battle with cancer


Morning Live weather forecaster and reporter Nicola Jones has lost her battle with cancer.

Her family tells us she died peacefully late Sunday afternoon in Mexico where she had flown to a hospital for emergency surgery.

Nicola joined CHCH in 2001 as an original member of the Morning Live team.

Her smile along with her intelligence and quick witt made her an instant favorite with fans.

Morning Live producer Don Jonescu says,

“Nicola was one of the most honest and personable broadcasters I’ve ever met. When you saw Nicola on television you knew Nicola, she cared about the viewers, she cared about the show, she cared about making sure she had the right and important information. But her heart was so big it went beyond that from the activities outside the station and involvement with different charities across the city of Hamilton, to things she would do one on one of her own volition. She had a huge heart and time for everyone and that’s why her loss has hit everyone so sadly.”

In April Nicola announced she had an aggressive cancer and would be stepping away from the weather screen to devote all of her energy to battling it.

After learning Canadian doctors could do no more for her Nicola travelled to Mexico for a high risk surgery.

But doctors didn’t get the chance to operate.

Her ex-husband and still good friend says she died peacefully on Sunday.

Nicola chronicled her battle with cancer on her blog ‘Prescription for Peace.’

The last entry reads,

“Your prayers have lifted me to a stronger place of faith and trust and I am ready either way for what is to come. It may be a while till I check in now but I want you to know your love was my miracle.”

We will all miss you. Rest in peace.



  1. RIP Nicola. My sincere condolences to your family and friends, my thoughts and prayers are with them. We lost an incredible person, but heaven gained a beautiful angel.

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Such a sad and tragic day. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful person, you are making this morning. You are all very special people that have lost a family member. Again, prayers are with Nicola’s family and her CHCH family.

  3. Such a shock to hear the news this morning as I watched the news. I know that she will be missed by many including myself. She was always so happy and full of life.

  4. I couldn’t believe it this morning watching the news that Nicola had passed away. She will greatly be missed. Nicola may you rest in peace my friend, you are our hero. Sincerely Susan

  5. I was so very sad to hear of the passing of Nicola Jones. Her smile, laugh and general cheerfulness helped brighten my mood every time I watched her. We should all try to live with such joy. I’m sure she touched the hearts of all who knew her. Thank you Nicola.

  6. So very sad to hear this awful news. You really fought so hard. RIP. My heart goes out to her son and family. Now the pain has gone and you are with the angels.

  7. Sincere condolences to Nicola’s family and her colleagues at CHCH Morning Live for the loss of Nicola. She was a wonderful person and an inspiration to everyone while she was fighting this dreadful disease.

  8. I was terribly saddened by Nicola’s passing. I didn’t know her personally, but she did make me laugh and for that I thank her. I would like to send my prayers to her family. If her son has half her poise and character of his mom, he will be OK in this crazy world. God bless.

  9. A Different World
    Sitting here with my eyes closed l listen to the world
    With the breeze upon my face l feel your embrace
    The Sun is shining l can feel your warmth
    Listen to the leaves russell in the breeze
    The long grass dances with the songs the birds are singing
    We are together if only for a brief moment
    Out there is a world of love and laughter of loved ones we have lost
    For they are here
    Never far nor never gone
    By L.J.B

  10. At the start of this year, Nicola approached the charity where I work as a communications director and offered her services because she liked what we did with orphaned and abandoned kids. I arranged to come down from Ottawa to Oakville to meet her to talk. I wasn’t sure what to make of the request– we’re not often contacted out of the blue by media people– but I figured if nothing else I’d get to meet the woman I’d seen on my TV all the years I watched CH Morning Live when I lived in Toronto.

    I was really surprised by Nicola. She was so…positive. That’s the word. She told me she was interested in working with my organization because she wanted to contribute to good news. But she also seemed really centered, focused. She had definite ideas on how she could help– they involved some bold plans and when I mentioned the issue of budget, she was not even fazed. “We’ll talk to x, y and z” she said, mentioning some companies she worked with. I was astounded by her confidence but I was also impressed by her genuineness. She really meant it. She would do what she said. When we finished, she shook my hand and said “Let’s talk more and make this happen.”

    And she was prettier in person than she was on television.

    I followed up with Nicola with some emails with some thoughts, she sent back a note full of encouragement “Wonderful ideas and yes we shall meet again next month…I am excited to see how we can help” but the next meeting never happened. She got sick.

    I won’t pretend to have known Nicola, but that one meeting will always leave an impression on me. It’s not often you meet a media personality who calls up a charity and says “how can I help?” and really mean it.

    What an incredible person.

  11. So sorry that I heard that Nicola Jones had passed away on Sunday afternoon in Mexico. To her family and friends: Nicola will be sadly missed. Thank you, Gwen.

    • Nicola was an ANGEL ON EARTH AND NOW Nicola is an ANGEL IN HEAVEN!!!! Thank you Nicola for EVERYTHING you did, thank you for all your hard work and for your COMPASSION…UNDERSTANDING…..LOVING….CARING….KINDNESS THAT WAS YOUR MAKEUP!!! We all need to take a page from Nicola’s moral compass!!! R.I.P. Nicola and know that I count myself as one of the lucky ones for having you in my living room every morning!!!! MAY GOD BLESS CHRISTIAN AND HER FAMILY through the grieving process!!!

  12. RIP Nicola. I heard the news last night, but I have been in denial ever since. Even though I never met you, I feel like I have known you forever. When I moved to New Brunswick just over 2 years ago, I still keep my CHCH family on the TV. May you be at peace, and condolences to your young son Christian, and the rest of your family. A wonderful day of tributes from all of the CHCH personalities, especially the Morning Show. Keeping all of the CHCH people in my heart.
    Heaven has now got another angel. Spread your wings Nicola, and may you have no more pain.

    Karon–New Brunswick

  13. This is such a big loss. My heart goes out to her family, friends and colleagues. as I had her in my home everyday starting over 4 yrs ago. She had such an infectious laugh and a beautiful heart. I feel like I have lost a member of my family. Nicola your are an angel that has found your way home, may you find peace in that. You will truly be missed.

  14. Nicola has touched many hearts. “Prescription of Peace” will bring peace to many who are on a similar journey. May comfort, love, memories lead to acceptance. My prayers are with your child.

  15. She was such a lovely person, so kind, brave , a lovely laugh, she will be missed by everyone,so young, she is our angel now Rip! God bless her, and her family at this sad time.

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