Leaked autism file leaves families complaining about Ford government

A leaked document obtained by the Globe and Mail indicates that those within the Ford government felt that the new autism funding structure was handled poorly and would leave families struggling financially.

The document addressed to Premier Ford and his former Chief of Staff Dean French was prepared by Toronto-area MPP Roman Baber on June 13. In it, Baber says that the autism file has “been the toughest and most damaging file of our first year in office. Regretfully, to add fuel to the fire, our tone has been less than ideal. We are talking about children and families in need.”

Baber also says the government’s claims that the new funding structure would clear a treatment wait list of 23 000 children with autism was “inaccuarate” and that there was no waitlist to begin with. He later recommends a full reset of the program to a needs-based format.

Political analyst Keith Leslie weighed in on the leaked report and how it depicts the Ford government’s inner workings.