Family who owns Wundeba releases statement after last weeks raid

The family at the centre of last Friday’s raid in Mount Nemo has released a statement on the website for their restaurant, Wundeba.

Most of the letter pertains to Mohan Jarry Ahlowalia. The 58-year-old Burlington man is facing 19 charges, including human trafficking and sexual assault charges.

The statement reads, in part:

“Jarry, our father, friend, and relative is a family person with whom we are very close, and who has not committed the alleged offences. These charges and allegations have been brought forward by a group of people that called themselves family with us for over 20 years and we are heartbroken due to this. We have been blackmailed, set-up, accused by these people for whom we cared so much for… and today, an innocent man is paying in health, reputation and integrity for these false allegations.”

Ahlowalia remains in custody until at least January 13th, when a special bail hearing will be held.