Canadian Pacific Railway and Hamilton home owners sued for $15,000,000

Canadian Pacific Railway and the city of Hamilton debut new warning signs for pedestrians in an area where CP’s trains run straight through a dense residential neighbourhood close to Gage park.

The family of Khelyse Crowe-Kasule are suing CP rail along with homeowners Ryan Maloney and Rachel Toombs for $15,000,000 regarding last spring’s accident that left Kasule with lasting physical and psychological injuries.

Family’s lawyer said the owners of the property were neglegent in the fact that there are no barriers separating the tracks from their property. The property owners have said that they didn’t own the land when the lawyer said in fact they did.

According to documents presented to the superior court, on April 5th, 2018, Kasule was playing with her friends in this makeshift park. A CP train was parked on the tracks.

Without warning it started to move and Kasule was caught underneath, crushing her leg from the knee down. Kasule had her right leg amputated and Darcy Merkur says she continues to be in and out of hospital for further treatments and surgeries.

Additionally, the 9 year old suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression. A GoFundMe page raised just under $23,000. Canadian Pacific Railway delcine to comment.