Bieber: “What the f— did I do?”

Justin Bieber emerging from a yellow Lamborghni, Miami Beach, January 23, 2014 (Taylor Ferguson via NBC Miami)

(Updated) Justin Bieber swore at police when he was pulled over this morning in Miami Beach for suspicion of impaired driving.

In an arrest report released by Miami Beach police, one of the arresting officers reported a strong smell of alcohol, and when he told Bieber to get out of his rented yellow Lamborghini, he said “why the f— are you doing this?”

“What the f— did I do? Why did you stop me?”

The Lamborghini and a red Ferrari were reported going as high as 100 kilometres an hour in a 50 zone. Police also said that two SUVs were behind the sports cars, “as if to stop traffic.”

A video posted to Instagram reportedly shows police pursuing Bieber.

Source: Instagram/Sanamthurx74

Bieber had a bail hearing early this afternoon. He is charged with impaired driving, resisting arrest, and having an expired driver’s licence. Bieber is expected to be free on $2,500 bail by the end of the day.

The arrest is not expected to impact his visa status in the U.S.

Also arrested was rapper Crazy Khalil, whose real name is Khalil Amir Sharieff. He is charged with impaired driving, and is being held under $1,000 bond.

This is Bieber’s latest scrape with the law. The Los Angeles County Sherriff’s office is investigating an egg-throwing incident at a neighbour of Bieber’s Calabasas, California home.

Read the Bieber Arrest Report

Image source: Taylor Ferguson via NBC Miami


  1. I can not believe that a Justin Bieber is so news worthy that it is being updated so frequently Did any one buy tickets to his private life ( I think not) so why do the police feel it necessary to breach his right for privacy and confidentiality. I do believe that he is wrong and should be punished accordingly but it should be done privately not public ally. The mediea coverage of this just proves the disconnect between a singer or actor’s public and private life. Do we not have anything more important to cover as news.

  2. Maybe he will get the help he so needs now! By the way where is his mother during this partying time? It’s about time police took action, drinking age is 21 in the States!!

  3. Add Justin to the long list of child stars that not only have fallen prey to drugs and alcohol, but have also joined the exclusive club of celebrities the public love to hate(last week it was Miley Cyrus and before that Taylor Swift). People have forgotten that this was the kid who used to visit kids with cancer at the hospital and spent his day playing board games with them.Yes arrest him, heck even deport him and take away his right to return. This kid’s life is on the line now.

  4. Gee, it is my understanding that the USA does not allow anyone with a criminal record across the border. I know people who had a joint on them, was busted at least 20 years ago. Were charged, and found out while going on a family vacation (wife and kids) to Disney and were turned away because of previous teen behaviour. So what are the rules for super stars? I think they should kick his butt out, send him back here so he can grow up.

  5. I know he isn’t learning from others mistakes, but he not has some serious issues, but he could face jail, 1. for not having his drivers’ license, 2. for not being 21 in that state to drive – he shouldn’t have been able to rent a vehicle without them telling him he was 2 years under the age limit to drive in that USA state, 3. resisting arrest, 4. consuming drugs – prescription and mary jane, 5. for speed racing, 6. possibly a law suit from his band, who are out of a job until he faces these charges, since he can not leave the state until his court date, 7. for being a role model – who wants to be like him – he use to have a clean cut image, which is destroyed by these actions – and he is a Canadian citizen by birth – hope he didn’t become an American citizen for he could face his licence being removed for up to a year.

  6. It’s official, everyone’s favorite boy toy has finally lost his mind at last. Michael Jackson, meet your true successor and his name is Justin Bieber.

  7. I can’t believe my eyes!!!! The top story of the day was a loser story about a drunken a-hole with more money than brains. the second story was on a child that was SHOT dead in his own home. What is wrong with the order of these stories??????????????

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