Woodward Wastewater Treatment Plant gets a new makeover

From one major project to another underway in Hamilton. It’s a $325-million-dollar re-development of the city’s Wastewater Treatment Plant on Woodward Avenue that’s being funded by all three levels of government.

The current pump-house, built in 1960, is where all the city’s sanitary waste flows, before it enters the water treatment phase. But come summer 2021, that will change.

Construction of the 90-million dollar pumphouse began in 2017.

The city says the work is right on schedule, with a lot being accomplished since they broke ground. So far, 800 tonnes of rebar has been used along with 8000 cubic metres of concrete.

Vikas Padroo, senior project manager for the pump-house says work slowed down during the winter, but now, its ramping up.

The new pumphouse will have increased capacity, able to hold up to 1.7 billion litres per day up from 1.3 billion. That means, there’s less chance of the treatment plant being overloaded during wet weather, which can cause sewage to back up into the harbour.

The treatment plant is also being improved. The price tag for this project is 165 million dollars of the 325.

So that algae and sludge doesn’t find its way onto the shoreline.

Lastly, the 70-million dollar upgrades to the electrical building, which will feed power to the entire plant. New, higher capacity generators will also be put in. This has to be completed before the main pump-house.