Update on the police investigation into the violence at Hamilton’s pride event

A week later the LGBTQ+ community continues to voice concerns and questions the response by police. Detective-sergeant Ben Thibodeau is in charge of the investigation. “We see the same video that everyone else has seen on the internet but we haven’t had one victim come forward”.

Police have said they are aware of the man with a helmet who was seen smashing it into at least two people during the pride celebrations. They will take action as soon as a victim comes forward. The same man was spotted at an anti-muslim rally in Toronto over the weekend. He was filmed fighting inside Eaton Centre Mall.

The first and only arrest was someone from the LGBTQ community 33-year-old Cedar Hopperton, who was put back in jail for violating parole. It’s not just police people in the community are criticizing. The Mayor’s office has said that he won’t be doing any media interviews on the matter.