Stench on the Waterfront

People looking to spend the last warm days by the Hamilton harbour had to cut their trip short due to a foul stench emanating from the water.

The smell hits your nose as you drive closer to the waterfront and once you get to Pier 8, it’s overwhelming,

A combination of a hot summer and nutrient-rich water, toxin-producing blue-green algae has spread throughout the Hamilton harbour.

The city announced back on August 3rd that the microscopic bacteria was spotted at the Bayfront park boat launch, Pier 4 park beach, harbour west marina, and throughout the marinas on Macassa bay.

The city says short-term contact could cause several ailments including vomiting, diarrhoea, skin irritation, rash and headache. Long-term exposure could lead to tumour formations.

Mayor Eisenberger says the city’s sewer treatment plant is currently undergoing upgrades to better filter out harmful phosphorous and ammonia, two chemicals that fuel algae growth. He adds that citizens need to do their part in reducing their use of these chemicals like fertiliser and detergents that contain phosphorus and ammonia.

In the meantime bubblers have been placed by several docs to help move the water around in hopes of dissipating the algae.