Remembering former Hamilton Police Chief Colin Millar

Police chiefs past and present, political leaders at every level and even some members of the FBI gathered this morning to remember Colin Millar.

Millar was Hamilton’s Chief of Police from 1988 to 1991, but his service to this community never ended. He was famous among the FBI and a mentor to many.

Current Chief Eric Girt recalled that Millar knew his name after he’d only been on the force two years. It was because Millar spent the time to get to know people.

Millar’s wife, Barb, died 14 months before him; the two had been completely in tune as a couple, according to St. Joseph’s Healthcare CEO Kevin Smith. Millar was a hospital board member, and went beyond his promise to be an active community member.

But he still always had time for his family.

”I remember him rolling up in a fedora and tailored suit to roller skating and tennis lessons. He didn’t miss anything.” said Millar’s grandson.

That’s why he says today was a sad day, but filled with happy memories.