Prudhommes Landing sold

After years of being on the market, a high-profile lakeshore property known as Prudhommes landing in the town of Lincoln has been sold. While some people are excited about a new development, others who own property next to the land are not as optimistic with the thought of years of construction in their backyards. But the town of Lincoln is delighted by the sale as they expect it will boost the economy and bring more people to the region.

Prudhommes Landing is right next to the QEW extending from the Tim Hortons near Victoria Avenue to the edge of the Lakehouse restaurant. The 80 acre property with a kilometer of shoreline has been sitting on the market for decades. Buildings abandoned and falling apart, covered in graffiti.

It may look deserted now but in the 1980’s the site featured waterslides, a go-cart track and mini putt. The amusement park eventually closed and the vandalism began. People think with the sale the area will improve.

Ken Fowler enterprises sold the land to FBH Ontario Incorporated last night. It’s a branch of an Italian construction company. Fowler told CHCH that the new owner will carry out a vision that’s been in the works for years which will include new homes and condos.

Lincoln’s chief administrative officer showed us the plans that were drawn up in 2014. “Recreational amenities along the waterfront, were looking at some commercial along the QEW and residential options.”

In terms of the sale price Ken Fowler said it was private but added that he was pleased with the number. Unconfirmed reports suggest the land sold for nearly $30 million. Not everyone is excited for the development including Ken Pachkowski who’s home backs on to Prudhommes Landing. He’s expecting to see his trees tore down in the back and a row of condos put in. “We’re not going to be happy about the construction and the noise, I guess the density involved. We still don’t know how many people they are going to put in that area,” says Ken.

Mayor Sandra Easton says they will work with the people of Lincoln to ensure the design meets everyone’s needs.


  1. This is not right, hamilton needs an amusement park to generate income for the citys development. The money for the new train system metro link isn’t just going to fall from the sky…

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