New information about Niagara police constable Nathan Parker who was shot by another police officer

The Niagara police officer who was shot by another officer after an altercation remains in stable condition in hospital.

Police are not commenting because this is now an investigation by the SIU, which takes over whenever someone is seriously hurt by police.

Today we spoke with a man who knows the officer who was shot, he was beaten up by Constable Nathan Parker in a courtroom in 2003 and after 10 years of court proceedings, won a judgement at the Supreme court against Parker.

Watching the news yesterday, Wayne Penner found out Constable Nathan Parker was the officer shot by another.

“I was not surprised a bit. They should have gotten rid of him a long time ago but nobody listened.”

Penner first met 52-year old Nathan Parker in 2003 when his wife was fighting a traffic ticket. He was watching from the back court benches and says he and others in court were laughing at the officer’s performance.

“As soon as Parker came down from testifying he said if you say anything more or laugh, you’re going to be arrested.”

Penner complained to the Justice of the Peace and says as soon as he sat down Parker put him in a choke hold and he couldn’t breathe.

Court documents say the Justice of the Peace left as the court erupted in pandemonium. Penner says he was beaten up in the hall and again in a holding cell at the police station.

“They put me on my knees and Parker just smashed me in the face, twice. I thought I was dead. My hands were still in handcuffs.”

The case went to the Supreme Court and 10 years later, in 2013, Penner won.

Parker has been disciplined at least four other times for sometimes violent acts, such as pepper spraying a handcuffed young teen in the back of his cruiser and pulling a cyclist off a bike without cause.

On Thursday, Parker was investigating the scene of a collision from several days earlier with Niagara collision reconstruction specialist Shane Donovan who is reported to have been the shooter.

In an update Friday, the SIU clarified that two officers got into an altercation at the scene. One officer shot his gun several times and the other was hit. Now the officer who was hit and 12 other officers are considered witnesses in the investigation.

Niagara’s police service board said it is very concerned about the incident. The chief has asked the OPP to investigate aspects that fall outside the SIU’s jurisdiction.

Anyone with information should contact the SIU.