Marit Stiles first to announce she’s running for Ontario NDP leadership race

Marit Stiles announced her candidacy for the Ontario New Democratic Party Thursday (maritstiles/Twitter).

Marit Stiles is now the first candidate to announce her wish to lead the Ontario New Democratic Party.

Stiles, a former school trustee, is presently the education critic for the party.

She has been a legislator since 2018 and says she’s committed to taking down the current Progressive Conservative government.

The position opened up after Andrea Horwath resigned on election night.

Horwath, who is now running for mayor in Hamilton, led the NDP since 2009 and saw it rise from third party to Official Opposition status in 2018 with 40 seats.

But the New Democrats fell to 31 seats in this June’s election.

The party has said a new leader will be in place by March 2023. Candidates have until December to register for the race.