Jury hears suggestion that Khill acted in self-defence against Styres

The jury in the Peter Khill murder trial heard the first suggestion today that Khill acted in self-defence. The jury was also told that Khill tried to help Jonathan Styres after shooting him fatally with a shotgun in 2016, outside Khill’s home in Binbrook.

One of the first police officers on the scene of the shooting testified today about his contact with the accused. Officer Matthew Robinson said Khill told him, “I am a soldier. That’s how we are trained. I came out. It was dark. He raised his hands to gun height. I thought I was in trouble. Does self-defence mean anything in court?”

The jury hasn’t yet heard any evidence of a military record for Khill.

Khill admits shooting Styres with a shotgun, with evidence indicating he was trying to steal Khill’s pickup truck at 3 a.m.

The prosecution showed the jury a photo of Khill when he was arrested, wearing plaid boxer shorts and described as shaking and upset.

Officer Robinson also said another officer was performing CPR on Styres who was shot in the chest but says Khill told him, “I even tried to save him.” Police have testified that Khill had blood on one of his hands.

Another officer says he spoke with a young woman who was standing at the door of the house, Khill’s girlfriend. The officer described her as “extremely shaken up… wide-eyed”
and “crying.” The officer said the first thing she asked was whether the man who was shot was ok and she showed the police where to find the shotgun.

The police also said when they were arresting Khill he asked them, “am I going to be ok?”

The trial continues Wednesday.