Iran’s report on shootdown of Flight 752 doesn’t explain why it happened: TSB

Canada’s Transportation Safety Board says a report from Iran on the downing of a passenger jet by its military in January 2020 doesn’t explain why the tragedy happened.

Board chair Kathy Fox says the TSB, Canada’s air-safety investigator, does not believe the results from the review will reduce the risk to commercial airlines operating in Iran’s airspace.

It is unusual for the TSB to comment on the results of a report into an incident that took place in another country.

But Fox says the “unprecedented situation” where the Iranian military effectively oversaw the investigation, the agency felt it had to speak out about its concerns with the final report.

Iran’s civil aviation body concludes “human error” was the reason why the Revolutionary Guard shot down Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 minutes after it took off from Tehran on Jan. 8, 2020.

All 176 people on board the jetliner were killed, including 55 Canadian citizens and dozens of others bound for this country.

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Iran says an operator fired two surface-to-air missiles after misidentifying the Boeing 737 as a “hostile target” and despite not getting a green light from superiors.

The Canadian government has rejected the report, calling it incomplete and devoid of evidence.