Hamilton to receive $10.7M from Ottawa for affordable housing

Hamilton is set to receive funding for affordable housing from the federal government.

The money is coming from the government’s new Rapid Housing Initiative, aimed at creating up to 3,000 new and permanent affordable housing units in the country.

The $1 billion fund will cover the cost of construction of modular housing, the acquisition of land and the conversion/rehabilitation of existing buildings.

Hamilton is set to receive $10.7 million, according to sources close to the government.

“No Canadian should ever be without a place to call home,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“By making smart and substantial investments in affordable housing and providing funding directly to municipalities, we’re creating jobs, strengthening our communities across the country, and helping the most vulnerable.”


  1. Invest in job creation and transit. Improve life for Hamiltonians. We are still waiting on truly all day GO train service to Toronto. I wish all levels of government actually believed in my city.

  2. This means Hamilton is going to build what, 12 or 13 new homes?

    Housing crisis solved!

    How about the government look into cracking down on Airbnb, foreign investors, and renters?

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