Hamilton photo radar speed enforcement launches Thursday

Hamilton will begin using photo radar to ticket speeders in school zones and high risk areas starting Thursday.

The move is part of a one-year pilot project approved by city council.

There will be two cameras rotating through 12 locations across Hamilton.

The 12 locations are:

  • Stone Church Rd. E from Dartnall Rd. to Pritchard Rd.
  • Broker Dr. from Brentwood Dr. to Kingslea Dr.
  • Glancaster Rd. from Rymal Rd. to Twenty Rd.
  • Trinity Church Rd. from Guyatt Rd. to Dickenson Rd.
  • Second St. N from Charles St. to King St. W
  • Greenhill Ave. from Quigley Rd. to Mount Albion Rd.
  • Lawrence Rd. from Gage Ave. S to Ottawa St. S
  • Lawrence Rd. from Cochrane Rd. to Mount Albion Rd.
  • Harvest Rd. in Dundas from Tews Lane to Forest Ave.
  • Bellagio Dr. from Fletcher Rd. to Keystone Cres.
  • Lewis Rd. from Barton St. E to Highway 8
  • Main St. in Waterdown from Parkside Rd. to John St.

If a vehicle is detected travelling in faster than the posted speed limit, the registered owner will receive a ticket regardless of who was driving.

The city says it is not disclosing how much over the speed limit a driver has to be traveling before a ticket will be issued.

“As speed limits are not guidelines – they are the law – there is no need to disclose threshold speeds,” the city said in a release.

“Driving at the posted limit will ensure a ticket is not issued.”



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