Hamilton COVID-19 vaccine booking now open to residents 60 and older

The City of Hamilton is opening up COVID-19 vaccination appointments to residents 60 and older.

The online booking site shows residents born in 1961 or earlier are now eligible to book a vaccines.

This change is effective immediately.

It comes after news that the city was having trouble filling appointments for those 70 and older.

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The city says about 17 per cent of Hamilton residents have received a vaccine to date.


  1. Yesterday hamilton mayor says on your news channel, when questioned about lowering the age group that we didn’t have enough vaccines. Yet today it is lowered. Could have gotten appointment today, but booked for tomorrow. We never got another shipment so we did have them. No more blaming the provincial government for not providing them.

  2. I think you need to stop showing people get the needle. I’m not nervous of needles but these shots that are shown seven or eight times a night, make me nervous. We want to get people out there not scare them away.

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