Family and friends hold vigil to remember Regan Russell

The life and legacy of Hamilton-born activist Regan Russell. The 65-year-old died on Friday protesting for animal rights at a Burlington slaughterhouse. Dale Manucdoc has the story.


  1. Thank you for treating this terrible loss to our community and the world at large with the respect that Regan Russell earned with her daily courage, dignity and compassion for animals and humans alike. The brutal and violent death of such a beautiful human being resonates profoundly on many levels.

  2. I feel the worst for the truck driver. Not like he woke up and said YES! I’m out to get a pig protester today! Sad someone died but that is what happens when you indulge in risky behavior. Maybe some action will be taken to ensure they DO protest in a safe manner, vs interfering with the trucks AND local traffic, including knocking on our windows to get their point across which I don’t appreciate.

  3. Your Commitment courage and dignity is Profound…A constant voice where silence is being demanded…A huge loss to so many
    My heart goes out to your family and your friends that held you tight in their hearts and will miss you so dearly…Rest in Peace….

  4. Never a better time to become a Vegetarian…..Do the right thing…this is so Sad…but I can see we have the power to change…you cant unsee this…you cant unfeel this…What an amazing commitment ….

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