Made in Canada Ketchup

Canada’s second-largest burger chain is the latest to jump on the French’s ketchup bandwagon. A&W announcing today it is swapping Heinz ketchup with the Canadian-made variety. The home of the Mama burger will soon be offering Leamington, Ontario’s own French’s ketchup and mustard, ousting Heinz, who back in 2014 left the small town in favour of U.S. operations, leaving over 700 people jobless.

This sudden loyalty to locally-made products is especially great news for one Hamilton food entrepreneur. While French’s gets it’s tomatoes and makes the tomato paste in Leamington, they make the final product in Ohio. So if you want to go full blown local, you can head to an independent grocers like a Dennigers and grab a Twisted Tomato ketchup.

Anthony and his wife started Twisted Tomato ketchup to pair with the food they sell out of their food truck. Everything from the tomatoes to the label are from the area.
“People want to stay local, they realize that when they purchase outside of our country we’re not supporting people that are local and eventually it comes around and it’s everyone helping out each other.”

And since Canadians started voicing their condiment allegiances business has been great.



  1. well, i haven’t tried french’s ketchup yet, and i consider myself a heinz girl, but all the coverage has piqued my curiosity and made my tastebuds water. i will be buying a bottle to try.

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