Polyamory awareness

This week marked a decade since the first legal same-sex marriage took place in Canada. It occurred in Toronto just hours after Ontario’s court of appeal pronounced the Canadian law on traditional marriage unconstitutional on June 10th, 2003. And while Ontario was the first to legally recognize same-sex marriage, many other provinces soon followed.

Two years later, the federal government legalized same-sex marriage countrywide with the gender-neutral civil marriage act. Critics said “what’s next, legalized polyamory, where the state would be forced to recognize relationships with multiple partners?”

Who knows? It could happen. We’re joined in Toronto by Samantha Fraser, a life coach, author and an advocate for polyamory.


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Lori says:

My husband and I are Poly. Just to be clear. It does not require living under same roof. My boyfriend is married lives with his wife and children. His wife and i are clise friends. Our children know and know each other. An extended family. He and i will average one date per week ( approx). But often see more of each other when socializing with friends and/or family. Jealousy is real and can be dealt with succesfully Its a natural human emotion. Glad to see Samantha spoke about the difference between polyamory and polygamy. I am part of Toronto Polyamory and we are marching in Toronto Pride this weekend. Our second year and growing. Thank you for broaching this topic on Square Off! Well done!

Shane says:

My wife and I are openly polyamorous as well (Hi Lori, see you at The Bovine Club this Thursday for the pre-pride Eat and Greet? Ben is slow cooking ribs to serve on the patio starting at 4PM, and they are totally mouthwatering!). It’s a way of life that my wife and I negotiated a decade ago before we got married. The concept of infidelity has no threat to our marriage because we accepted that a person’s capacity for love, intimacy, and passion is not finite and can encompass multiple partners; and the theocratic strictures of monogamous marriage makes little sense when our lifespans are now 2-3 times longer than they were when it became the tradition.