Hamilton fights to control community mailboxes

Community mailboxes coming to the mountain


A dispute between Canada Post and Hamilton is heating up as city councillors move to speed up approval of a bylaw that would force the crown corporation to apply for an individual permit for every community mailbox it wants to put up.

A special council meeting will be held Wednesday night to pass the roadway right-of-way bylaw, but Canada Post says it plans to begin pouring cement this week to allow installation of the boxes on Hamilton mountain.

Thirty-six thousand addresses across wards 6, 7, 8 and 9 will be affected as Canada Post phases out urban home delivery in older neighbourhoods.  Newer neighbourhoods have had community mailboxes for years.

Ward 8 Councillor Terry Whitehead is accusing Canada Post of pushing ahead without waiting to see what Hamilton’s bylaw will say.  Council began discussing the bylaw when residents complained about where the mailboxes were going to be located, but it’s unclear if the city has the authority to pass a bylaw regulating mailbox placement.

A Canada Post spokesperson says it installs equipment in accordance with postal service laws which include seeking input from residents. Consultations in Hamilton began last year and some mailbox locations have since been changed.


  1. Mail boxes were just installed in the lobby of my Hess St S apartment building but will this really expedite the mail service last week my mail was delivered at 7:30pm

  2. This is ridiculous! How much is all of this costing? Why do they not just cut back the number of delivery days to three days a week? If they cut down on the junk mail the postman wouldn’t have such a heavy load to deliver. Think of the handicapped and the seniors. Keep increasing our property tax and take away the services. Sorry, just a little fed up with the waste of our money.

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