Bolerama Weekend

A couple sits outside their trailer; Long Beach, July 12, 2014


It’s not uncommon to drive past a camp ground jam packed with trailers, but it’s rare to spot even one vintage fibreglass Boler. The lightweight mini-trailers are hard to find, except on Bolerama Weekend.

86 of the mini-campers gathered at the Long Beach conservation area in Niagara to share their mutual love of travelling light.

“Free and easy,” Des Nolan, Boler owner said. “We pack up, go when we want, stop when we want.”

Some versions of the fibreglass Boler trailer weigh under 1,200lbs, but you can pack a lot into these miniature mobile homes.

“We have all the basics,” Barbara Gardin, Boler owner said. “Everything you need, like a set of dishes and pots and pans, and your clothes.”

The Boler was invented in Canada in the late 1960s, falling out of fashion in the 1980s, but made a recent resurgence in popularity.

“You pull in anywhere with it; a gas station, corner store, a variety store,” Eric Allen, Boler owner said. “There will be somebody coming over to you, ‘Oh, I love your little trailer. It’s so nice. How do i get one?'”

Bolers have become so coveted, it hard to get your hands on one. People are willing to pay big bucks for these small spaces(between 13 and 17ft in length).

Boler buffs are willing to sacrifice floorspace for freedom.

“It just takes a little bit of extra care packing,” Marje Shook, Boler owner said. “Making sure everybody has their space.”

Today, a Boler in decent condition can sell for upwards of $6,000.

The Boler originally gained popularity, because most mid-sized cars had the power to tow them. Unfortunately, these days, it’s tough to get insurance for one, unless it’s being towed by a larger vehicle. That hasn’t stopped them from becoming trendy again.


  1. Had some friends they had an even smaller boler trailer, must have been one of the first, compact; how it can fit sink, toilet and a few cupboards into the shower compartment, amazing

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