Amazon calls Hamilton least-read city

A rainy day like today is a great time to catch up with a good book, but Amazon says not too many people in Hamilton are planning on doing any reading.

Phil Perkins joins us with more.


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leisa persall says:

I have noticed this at the library myself. More people seem to be taking out and returning videos than books.

jen hill says:

I love reading crime books

Roger says:


Roger says:

compared to what other cities?

Linda says:

I buy lots of books but never from so I don’t count in their survey. Probably a lot of people are in the same boat.

Lisa says:

There are lots of sources for getting books.
I don’t know how this survey can be accurate.

Karen says:

I read all the time, both book and e-books. I get a lot of mine from kobo and the library. I don’t think that this survey from is correct at all. The number of people visiting our local libraries says much differently!

Wayne Vollett says:

Amazon Sucks!!

Wendy says:

Yeah right…I read all the time

Spike says:

My family and I make regular use of the HPL. We can choose books online and have them delivered to our local branch. Who needs to buy from Amazon?

Dawn Adams says:

wooah :$

Constance says:

Hamilton reads, we just rather have a book in our hands than a digital book.

Jo-Ann Gibson says:

I purchase my share of books but not through Amazon. So this survey calling Hamilton-least-read-city is not a fair statement.

mary-anne says:

Libraries….do they still exist?

Mike says:

I agree with Lisa

zsazsa says:

I doubt this study can be very accurate.

Jan says:

Well they haven’t included me in their survey. At the moment I have a bag of 21 books that I have read, a bag of 12 I will be reading and 1 I’m almost finished. Not all readers buy on line.

carmel drumm says:

If I want a book I go to the book store

E-Rock says:

Most people in Hamilton can’t read…..

Stan says:

I just read “pirated” ebooks. I’m awful.

Brad says:

The survey does not include non Amazon sources including libraries.

bob says:

i agree with Lisa’s point

Tamara says:

This is quite an unfair account… Just because there are few Hamiltonians who don’t purchase books via Amazon does not mean Hamiltonians are not readers… We have many outlets to obtain literature… I enjoy a multitdude of ways to read but I have never done so through Amazon… and now I never will… sorry Amazon due to your inaccurate presumption you have lost a customer.

Diane says:

This survey doesn’t take into account people who read books only e-readers. Very inaccurate and whoever did the survey shouldn’t be in that line of work.

Liz says:

Love reading! I’m not sure how accurate this survey is. Not everyone gets their books from amazon. I read a lot and most of the books I read come from the public library.

Nancy says:

I read a least 4 books a month. I prefer it to TV.

Sandra says:

That is only their opinion…

g says:

i like reading docs

Laura says:

I’d take a real book over an e-book any day

Judy Huntington says:

There is nothing like the feel of turning the page of a good book. I have an e-reader but I still love a real book.

Kim says:

Reading is a part of everyday life, everywhere you look there are signs, ads, watching tv also there is reading to. I say Amazon needs to reread there stats.

Kathy says:

I take out at least 10 e-books a week from the Hamilton Public Library off the internet, I don’t have to leave my home to go to the library to get them. I purchase e-books from Indigo/Chapters, who send you to Kobo for your e–books, I don’t buy from amazon, therefore, this story is moot.I know lots of people who are avid readers, and many own e-reader and they are all from Hamilton! Just a little free advertising for Amazon.

John Marshall says:

I guess Amazon doesn’t like the fact we use the Library.

CarrieGee says:

Pfft. Only 20 cities on the list in the first place, and all based on Amazon’s sales. Complete bologna.

Michele Pryor says:

Correction…we buy the least books from them…doesn’t mean we are not well read!

sandra says:

who does these satistics ??

winkdickerson says:

Silly survey.

joe says:

this doesn’t sound right

Louise says:

I know a lot of people whom ready books and most of them get there books from the library.
Very few do I know that order online

Lola says:

I read all the time, but don’t use Amazon. I like to support the library.

Roger says:

I buy my books from a buy & sell shop

Wendi says:

“Who’s buying the most books at Amazon..” Indeed. I now buy all my books from Chapters/Indigo for my Kobo eReader and the Kobo app on my smart-phone/tablet (like the lady interviewed) so if that’s how they’re measuring, then they’re missing a lot of Kobo users!
(I used to buy from Amazon all the time (hard copy books) but their shipping provider has horrible service and I had to stop shopping there!)

rik favaro says:

u go amma now !!!!!

Tracy says:

My last book purchase from (which was cheaper than and came out before the stores) purchase was at Christmas.

khogan18 says:

I have no issue being the least read it means were getting off our rears and actually going to the library hooray for us

Tammy Forrest says:

I love my kobo and could not live without it. I take great offence to anyone who says that we don’t read in Hamilton. I have at least 100 novels in my back room and over 400 on my kobo. Most of my books of reread many times.

bgee says:

sounds like an inaccurate generalization to me.

Peter says:

I have never bought a book online so I discount the survey