Students at Brock University protest the school’s handling of a professor’s sexual impropriety

Protesters at Brock University made their message clear; there is no place for Professor David Schimmelpenninck on campus.

Schimmelpennick was found to have sexually harassed a student in 2014 and despite his only class at Brock being cancelled, students say that’s not enough. They say he should not be employed by the university and should resign.

An internal investigation by Brock University in 2016 found that the history professor had inappropriately touched a female student, made sexual comments to her and attempted to arrange ongoing intimacy. He was disciplined by the school and hasn’t been on campus for the last 2 years, but Brock says an arbitrator appointed by the Ministry of Labour decided that Schimmelpennick was to go back to his teaching duties this month. The news caused outrage, and the university has since cancelled the elective course the prof was supposed to teach.

Brock University has not clarified why the class was cancelled or if Schimmelpenninck will teach any other courses, but a statement from the Brock University Faculty Association defends the professor saying: “Professor Schimmelpenninck has the right of every faculty member to teach, do his research, and participate in the service responsibilities incumbent upon every faculty member, in compliance with relevant university policies.”

Many at the protest say that having Schimmelpennick on staff creates an unsafe environment for students, and disrespects victims of sexual violence.