The race for mayor in Niagara Falls

It wasn’t long ago that Niagara falls mayoral incumbent Jim Diodati announced he’s facing Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

“All of my symptoms have been gone for months, now its just symptoms of the chemo. So I’ll be done right about Christmas time, and it’s got a near 100% success rate.”

Now feeling confident in his health, Diodati says he wants to see through plans he’s made as mayor, including the GO train and a new hospital.

In order to do so he’ll have to beat 3 candidates.

Long time city councillor and former Liberal MPP Kim Craitor. He’s promising to address residents concerns with the current infrastructure, roads and taxes.

Craitor abruptly resigned as MPP in 2013, citing exhaustion at the time but was later accused of bullying and sexual harassment by a former staff member, allegations he’s denied.

“The challenge you have is you can say it, but you can’t stop it. Social media just carries it, it has a life of its own. But is it true? emphatically not.”

Political newcomers Kip Finn and Dinah Lilia Mansour are also running.