Ontario to cover monitoring system for some people living with diabetes

Ontario has announced it will be providing coverage for a glucose monitoring system for people living with diabetes.

The Ministry of Health says starting on Nov. 30, the FreeStyle Libre 2 system will now be covered for Ontarians who are eligible for the Ontario Drug Benefit program and have a valid prescription.

The system allows people living with diabetes to quickly review their real-time glucose reading by using a reader or smartphone app to scan a sensor worn on the back of the upper arm.

Traditional blood glucose meters require individuals to take blood samples using frequent finger pricks. With flash glucose monitors such as the FreeStyle Libre 2, a sensor is inserted just underneath the skin and measures blood sugar levels.

A hand-held scanner or smartphone can then be swiped over the sensor to read the levels.

“This year marks the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin right here in Ontario. As we look towards the future, our government is committed to making life easier and more affordable for individuals living with diabetes,” said Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health in a news release. “Providing coverage for the FreeStyle Libre 2 system through the Ontario Drug Benefit program will support individuals living with diabetes to better monitor their day-to-day health and improve their quality of life.”

Ontario has been providing coverage for the FreeStyle Libre 1 system since September 2019.

The Libre 1 system is for adults aged 18 and older while the Libre 2 system can be used by children aged four and older living with diabetes.

Nearly 1.5 million Ontario residents live with diabetes.