NDP rights complaint

Hamilton NDP MPP’s Paul Miller and Monique Taylor are being accused of creating toxic work environments and allegedly harassing and discriminating against certain employees.

Todd White has been a Constituency Assistant to Hamilton-East Stoney Creek MPP Paul Miller since 2007 and says the workplace is anything but politically correct.

In a statement to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, White says Miller regularly displays sexist, racist and homophobic behaviour.

White, who’s also a chairperson and trustee with the school board, claims that Miller personally bullied him after he took parental leave on two separate occasions, even suspending him for two weeks without pay during that time.

The Lawyer for all 3 complainants, Wade Poziomka said, “He wants to practice what he preaches, he’s out there telling students that it’s okay to speak out and not to live in fear, something is wrong talk about it. If he didn’t do the same thing in his own professional life than I think that would be a real problem.’

Paul Miller couldn’t be reached for comment. Miller’s fellow party member Monique Taylor is also facing similar accusations.

Alissa Watt alleges that Taylor discriminated and showed little compassion for her anxiety disorder. She adds that the Hamilton-Mountain MPP tried to ‘get rid of her’ by asking fellow assistant Sandra Troulinos to file a false sexual harassment claim against her.

Troulinos also filed a human rights complaint against Monique Taylor.

“We have put out the ability to have a private investigator look at this matter to date neither the union or the complainants have agreed to participate. I welcome the investigation and look forward to the outcomes.’ says Monique Taylor

Poziomka, says that allegations like these are becoming more commonplace. “People standing up and speaking out about it, feeling more comfortable themselves to do it and there’s a more general acceptance now that it’s wrong and that it needs to stop.”

In the meantime, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says she’s comfortable with both MPP’s campaigning for re-elction for now. “Both have been excellent MPPs and have done great work for their constituencies. This is a situation that of course no one wants to see happen but it has to go through the proper processes and that’s both a grievance procedure and whatever the tribunal comes up with in terms of a process.”

Todd White is seeking $250-thousand in damages while both Alissa Watt and Sandra Troulinos are looking for an apology and $225-thousand each. Their lawyer says that it’s purely coincidental that these allegations have surfaced three months before the provincial election.