Marineland back in court today for alleged animal cruelty

Marineland is back in court today charged with animal cruelty over the park’s use of marine mammals in its shows.

Under Canada’s criminal code, captive marine mammals are not allowed to be used in shows for entertainment purposes specifically. Investigators and animal rights activists allege Marineland is using its marine mammals for entertainment purposes, specifically shows involving dolphins and beluga whales.

The theme park has maintained that it is not breaking any laws because it say its shows are educational.

Police are currently investigating Marineland for a second time this year after the theme park opened its doors in May and allegedly hosted another show while still facing charges.

Animal advocacy group World Animal Protection says it has launched another complaint about the theme park with Niagara police after it says it obtained video of a dolphin show they say happened on June 30.

Marineland’s first court date was in February. Today, it is back in court in St. Catharines.