HSR bus makes illegal turn

A viewer has sent CHCH some shocking footage involving an HSR bus. The dashcam video was captured last night outside Limeridge mall where the bus was seen pulling off a dangerous and illegal manuever.

An HSR bus coming up to a red light in a left turning lane, the driver doesn’t bother to stop at the red light and then turns right onto Upper Wentworth street, cutting infront of an SUV. The viewer who sent us this video says it happened around 7:30 last night. He says it happened too quickly to notice whether there were any passengers on the bus.

We showed Mayor Fred Eisenberger and councillor Jason Farr and they both say that the matter will be dealt with by the HSR and proper actions will be taken to make sure the driver understands the severity of his or her actions.

Nancy Purser with the HSR says:
“Adhering to traffic laws is expected of all of our operators at all times. We are reviewing this footage and will be looking into this matter further.”


  1. HSR bus drivers don’t respect the law!! So many times have I seen and been subjected to their disregard for traffic laws and human life! Many times I have been cut off by HSR busses that gave ZERO notification as to their intent that went from flashing 4-ways to swerving right in front of me. One time I had to swerve over to the next lane (thank goodness it was King St. with no traffic) and my daughter was in the car on the passenger side (meaning she would have been crushed). It’s the law that the busses have the right-of-way that has gone to their head!!! They think that means traffic laws and human safety don’t apply to them. I hope the driver is Fired!

  2. Our city bus driver’s feel they have some type of entitlement to drive as they see fit on our roads. I have been cut off, have had a bus ride my bumper, I’ve seen bus drivers talk on their phones etc.
    It’s not shocking that this has happened, may be HRS shold screen their drivers a little better.

  3. Why do HSR drivers feel they are entitled to drive like idiots, because they have a yield sign on the back of their bus? I see this happen everyday…they purposely cut drivers off because they think they are privileged. Learn how to drive morons!

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