Coyote with container stuck on its head rescued in Oakville

The Oakville and Milton Humane Society (OMHS) has rescued a coyote that had a container stuck on its head for at least a week.

The animal was first reported to the humane society last Tuesday after it was spotted in Bronte Creek Provincial Park.

On Monday night, members of the OMHS Animal Services team located the coyote near Bronte Rd., north of Speers Rd.

Video of the rescue was posted to the organization’s Facebook page and has been viewed nearly 2,000 times.

It shows staff approaching the animal which was hiding under a tree. The team places a towel over the coyote and then transfers it to a nearby vehicle.

The coyote was subsequently taken to the Hobibitstee Wildlife Refuge after the container was safely removed from its head.

Rescuers say the coyote was alert but very thin and dehydrated.

It will be treated with hopes of releasing the animal back into the wild.

The humane society says the object was a large potato chip or candy container.

In a post on their website, OMHS thanked the public for sending in tips which ultimately helped locate and safely rescue the coyote.