Child’s ashes stolen

Vanessa Bonilla went through a parents worst nightmare 9 years ago and for the last 2 days, she’s had to relive the tragedy all over again.

A 3 foot tall cement angel stood right in front of her house for years, but it was much more than just a decorative garden piece, it held the ashes of a still born boy. Bonilla has surveillance cameras on her home that captured images of a man circling on his bike, before he’s seen walking away with the large statue.

The baby boy was a twin, whose sister is alive and well. Bonilla now has two kids and says she doesn’t have the heart to tell them that their baby brother is gone.

“It’s going to break their heart. They used to play with the statue, sing to the statue, talk to the statue.”

When the family realized the statue had been taken, Bonilla took to Facebook for help, her post has now been shared over 3 000 times. She has one message for the thief.

“Just bring it back, there’s no police involvement at this time. Leave it in a safe place. I have no hatred towards you, no ill will. We just want the statue back.”

Bonilla says if the statue is not returned within the next few days she will file a police report. The family just hopes the person who took it becomes aware of what’s inside, and has the heart to return it safely.


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