Layla Sabry’s grandfather reaches out, “Allana… We want you home”

Allana Haist’s father, Layla Sabry’s grandfather, pleaded to his daughter Allana to come out of hiding so she can proceed with her three-year-long custody battle. Haist has a hearing in a Welland courtroom on Monday at 2 p.m.

Haist and Sabry have not been seen since Dec.1. and an Amber Alert was issued on Dec. 2 when Haist failed to appear in court that day. The mother is wanted by police for child abduction, which allegedly took place in Egypt last year according to Sabry’s father Mohamed Abdel-Motaleb.

In the statement, Haist’s father Allan said that their lawyer Natalie Portier has been negotiating  with Abdel-Motaleb’s family for a deal to bring Allana Haist out of hiding.

His statement also said that during the custody battle Allana was ordered to surrender her daughter’s passport and birth certificate in the week before she went into hiding which increased her fear that he could take their daughter out of the country.

As part of the new agreement between both parties, Haist said to his daughter “be assured now that no one can take Layla out of Canada until the case is completed.”

Haist also said in his statement that Abdel-Motaleb agreed that:

  • Allana could have more time to deal with the case and its motions,
  • Abdel-Motaleb would not see his daughter until a court order has been made and an agreement created between him and Allana, and
  • Abdel-Motaleb would withdraw a libel notice against Allana, her family and her lawyer

Haist said his daughter has until 2 p.m. on Monday to take the offer, otherwise Abdel-Motaleb’s agreement would be null. Haist added that his daughter needs to bring Layla at the deadline to Family and Children Services Niagara, before her court hearing.

“Allana, we know that you feel betrayed by this system and the rush to judgement,” Haist pleaded. “We know that you feel you were not treated fairly. But please be assured that you and Layla have many supporters and everyone is committed to ensuring that everyone focuses on what is best for Layla.”

Haist also said that his daughter should reach out to a criminal lawyer for advice on coming out of hiding safely.

Note: this story was updated to include that Allana Haist was ordered to surrender her daughter’s passport and birth certificate in the week before she went into hiding.