5 Spring cleaning mistakes to avoid

Getting set for spring cleaning? You might want to hold off until you’ve seen this segment! Professional home organizer Megan Arthurs has a few mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

5 common Spring cleaning mistakes

  1. Tackling too much at once – cleaning the entire home in one day is exhausting, overwhelming and nearly impossible if done correctly. Set a schedule and break up the tasks into bite-size pieces   
  2. Not decluttering first – It is essential to remove items you don’t need or use before you begin deep cleaning. Cleaning becomes more time-consuming when you are dealing with more items than necessary  
  3. Using the wrong cleaning products – Ensure you are reading labels of cleaning products and they are not ruining your surfaces, fabrics and health!   
  4. Ignoring hard-to-reach places and neglecting appliances (specifically in the kitchen!!) – Do not ignore places like behind furniture, under fridges, inside of stoves and microwaves. These places take more time and effort but essential they are tended to for the longevity of your belongings and health  
  5. Not cleaning in the right order – Dusting before vacuuming and cleaning from top to bottom to avoid the spreading of dust and dirt is the proper way to clean