The Evening News at 6 is one of Canada’s most watched and reliable local newscasts. Nick Dixon and the CHCH News Team deliver the top stories of the day, from our own backyard, to the nation’s capital and around the world.

Joining Nick at 6 o’clock is co-anchor Taz Boga, a veteran CHCH anchor who also delivers stories throughout the afternoon as anchor of News Now. At 11 o’clock, Miranda Anthistle joins Nick to co-anchor an expanded hour-long newscast, updating the evening’s developments and highlighting the big stories of the day from the worlds of news, sports, business and beyond. Elise Copps is CHCH’s Health and Lifestyle reporter bringing viewers a wide variety of information about health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. Ken Welch goes beyond the scores to deliver the top sports stories of the day. Matt Hayes provides the latest weather analysis weekdays at 6 o’clock, and Shelly Marriage delivers the forecast at 11 o’clock Monday through Thursday, and at 6 & 11 on Saturdays.

It’s a seven-day week and our news coverage doesn’t stop. Kate Carnegie, Eric Gage, Steve Ruddick and the CHCH News Team keep our communities well-informed on the weekends. It’s coverage you can count on, every day of the week.