Middletown Farms customers looking for answers

Hundreds of people across the province are looking for answers and their money after a local Hamilton farmer closed up shop abruptly last week.

Clients say they used Middletown Farms in Dundas for the local and organic meat but never thought they would have to chase after the owner, Brandon Graham, for their orders or their money back.

Some people are only out of pocket a few hundred dollars but some are out of pocket thousands, like Laura Whittle who had been ordering from the farm for a year. She has yet to receive two cows worth of meat.

‘I’m out almost $2,000 on my credit card and a couple hundred dollars on email money transfers that were supposed to be for eggs and fruit for this year.”

This is just one story of hundreds listed on multiple Facebook groups. In the majority of cases the meat was ordered and paid for up to six months in advance, and now there’s a chance the credit card companies won’t reimburse, because in some cases, refunds must be processed within 120 days of the payment date.

Graham declined an on camera interview saying he was heading to Kitchener for a bankruptcy meeting but he did email CHCH saying that they have been refunding customers and cancelling orders, but dozens if not hundreds of his 15,000 clients are still waiting for their money.

Ken Norton is the owner of Norton Farms and used to supply Graham with beef, up to $40,000 worth a month from his cattle. He may have been hit the hardest.

“On the very last invoice that we sent to him, which was over $11,000, he said that if we wanted payment that we would have to take him to court or see a creditor.”

Norton says he’s been trying to collect his money for months.

“He’s very difficult to deal with, doesn’t answer phones only replies by text messages.”

And online, customers have shared his Facebook comments towards them where he uses vulgar words and profanity.

According to the former clients, multiple police forces are investigating including Hamilton, Brantford and Waterloo. Hamilton Police say their fraud unit has only one formal complaint so far. Some of the customers have told us that they have left several voice mail messages for the detectives and have yet to receive a call back.


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mat simser says:

VG Meats story creek is ready for everyone’s business

Cindy says:

Good luck to all these poor people trying to get restitution.

Dmarion says:

We were lucky and receive our refund through VISA. We order a half cow on June 29th and did not get any correspondence despite having paid up front. A week after we placed our order we drove out to the farm. Many things went wrong and I knew we were in trouble. Rudeness etc is their way of doing business and we were told we’d get a refund right away. Feeling this was just a stall tactic I called VISA right away. Due to the fact the charge was posted I was put through to dispute resolution. I was on VISA for a month with documented communication attempts and they agreed to refund my money at the end of July. Now it’s VISA ‘s problem to get the money back. I posted a review via Google (unfavorable) and Brandon attempted to bully me. I’m not affected by his type as I have a minimal social online presence outside of LinkedIn which is purely professional. Brandon is very bad news. The business is a sham that is razor thin along obvious fraud. Thanks for printing your story. I’d you look at the BBB you’ll see many serious complaints that mirrored our experience.