Man dead after Oakville police shooting


The province’s Special Investigations Unit is looking for answers after a 22-year old man was shot and killed by police in an Oakville neighbourhood Sunday night. So far, the SIU hasn’t revealed any details of the investigation and Halton police have said little. Kelda Yuen was in the Oakville Monday and found out more about what happened from neighbours.

SIU officers surrounded this grey house on Oak Springs Road, near Sheridan College. Halton police were called to the area just before 11 Sunday night.

“My dad said the kid was in his car, and he apparently had a gun to his head at some point. He seemed suicidal.”

“He was like warding off cops, telling them to stay back. And then he got out of the car, smoking a huge joint with a gun in his hand, waving it around.”

Investigators canvassed the street Monday afternoon, talking to neighbours some who witnessed the incident.

“Cops said, “Everyone get down to the basement!” But obviously everyone was looking around, trying to see what’s going on.”

Though the man’s identity has not yet been released, neighbours say his first name was alex.

“They were calling out his name “Alex!” His first name was Alex, don’t know about his last name. They were just calling out to him on the megaphone, trying to talk to him. He must have been in some kind of emotional state. They were trying to calm him down.”

Another neighbour and eye witness didn’t want to go on camera, but she told me that before the young man was shot, police had his mom on the phone and were trying to get him to speak to her, hoping she would be able to calm him down, but he refused.

The exchange between the young man and police apparently lasted between 20 and 30 minutes.

“One cop lights off one pop, and then after that he heard about 9 or 10 bangs.Cops ran. Kid fell right beside his car.”

The 22-year old was pronounced dead shortly after midnight.

I spoke to man who said he knows the family who owns the house where the 22-year old was shot. He said the family is renting the basement to several Sheridan College students, but he doesn’t know if the young man who was shot was one of the tenants. The SIU has assigned over 10 investigators to the incident.

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Sheridan student says:

Just to make something clear – he did not live downstairs and had no relation to anyone renting the space